The project EcoDHOME was conceived and launched by Smartdhome Srl, an ITALIAN company, attentive to the evolution of the market and the emergence of new needs in the lifestyle of people. Our mission is to use high-tech home automation with the lowest possible investment that may lead to the reduction of energy consumption and therefore save money with elements in the field of electrical energy and thermal hydraulic also increasing the comfort inside the house.Today, save your money in energy use, also means to help protect our planet.To this was created EcoDHOME , a set of home automation solutions for your house and in general for the environments in which you live, that does not require large investments nor economic, nor special skills in the installations. Begins to fit your environment elements of smart home automation. And, since the user must go hand in hand with attention to costs, the cost of all our solutions is extremely limited.

Strategic paths

  • (Big) Data Analytics
  • Internet of Things

Application fields

  • Smart Building


Micro Enterprise


Via Nazionale per Carema 40 11026 Pont-Saint-Martin (AO) Italy


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Completed projects