The essence of our startup comes from the union of two distinct elements.
The heart of el3mentz is attention for our planet, for people, for everyday life.
El3mentz’s mind is innovation and technology.

These days, we often hear about the need to save energy, the need to rely on renewable energy and to reduce CO2 emissions, so we asked ourselves what our contribution could be.
The co-founders started to think about the waste of electricity they observed daily in their offices: lights, computers and air conditioners left on, power supplies left attached to the sockets, standby monitors, etc.
Subsequently, they thought about how many of these incorrect habits were also adopted in the home environment and, after a series of “interviews” with friends and acquaintances, who confirmed to them this type of inattention, they decided to found el3mentz.

Therefore, el3mentz was born with the aim of concentrating its efforts in the design and development of innovative solutions capable of promoting energy savings, also through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Strategic paths

  • Internet of Things
  • Web & Mobile

Application fields

  • Energy and Environment
  • Smart Building


Micro Enterprise



Via Santa Chiara 34 10122 Torino (TO) Italy


Foundation year